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Consumer's Guide To Annuities

Do you know where you will find the money to help meet your day-to-day living expenses when you retire? This booklet talks about one source of retirement income known as an "annuity."1 It explains how an annuity works and discusses the different kinds of annuities you may wish to think of buying.

Annuities, like life insurance policies, are forms of financial protection. You should tailor any decision to buy an annuity to your own needs. To do so, talk with a qualified life insurance producer or financial advisor.2

1 Group annuities that are provided by employers or union sponsored pension plans are not discussed in this guide.

2 If you have questions about annuities that are not answered in this booklet, you might want to call the National Insurance Consumer Helpline at (800) 942-4242.

NICH is a consumer information telephone service sponsored by insurance industry trade associations. Trained personnel and licensed producers are available to answer questions about insurance sources and to send consumer brochures on request.

The Helpline operates from 8 am to 8 pm, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.