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Examination Reports

Access Insurance Company-09-30-2009

Adams Life Insurance Company-12-31-2004

Affirmative Insurance Company-06-30-2010

Agent Alliance Insurance Company-12-31-2015

Alabama Life Reinsurance Company, Inc-12-31-2014

Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation-12-31-2017

Alabama Reassurance Company Inc-12-31-2006

Alfa General Insurance Corporation-12-31-2016

Alfa Insurance Corporation-12-31-2016

Alfa Life Insurance Corporation-12-31-2016

Alfa Mutual Fire Insurance Company-12-31-2016

Alfa Mutual General Insurance Co-12-31-2016

Alfa Mutual Insurance Company-12-31-2016

Alfa Specialty Insurance Corp-12-31-2006

Alfa Vision Insurance Corporation-12-31-2006

Allstate Insurance Company, Allstate Indemnity Company-12-31-2013

American Builders Insurance Co, RRG-12-31-2017

American Mining Insurance Company-12-31-2009

American Resources Insurance Company, Inc.-12-31-2012

AssuranceAmerica Insurance Company-12-31-2009

Attorneys Insurance Mutual of Alabama-12-31-2005

Baldwin Mutual Insurance Company, Inc-12-31-2016

Blue Cross-Actuarial Report-PRAP-01-19-2004 Combined

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama-12-31-2017

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama(Compliance Exam)-12-31-2009

Booker T. Washington Insurance Company-12-31-2004

Bright Health Insurance Company of Alabama-12-31-2018

Centennial Casualty Company-12-31-2015

Chattawood Insurance Company-12-31-1998

Coastal Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc-12-31-2012

Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company-04-30-2003

DaVita VillageHealth Insurance Co of Alabama-12-31-2008

Express Scripts Insurance Company-12-31-2008

FirstCommunity Health Plan Inc-12-31-2014

Gulf Coast Title Insurance Company-12-31-2016

Health Insurance Corporation of Alabama-12-31-2002

Healthspring of Alabama, Inc-12-31-2015

Inspirien Insurance Company, Inc-12-31-2017

Jordan Funeral & Insurance Company, Inc-12-31-2010

Knights of Peter Claver, Inc-12-31-2018

Liberty National Life Insurance Co-12-31-2005

Life Insurance Company of Alabama-12-31-2017

Medical Assurance Company Inc-12-31-2006

MEGA Life and Health Insurance Co-07-31-2004

MEGA Life and Health Insurance Co-01-31-2006

Mutual Savings Fire-12-31-2014

Mutual Savings Life-12-31-2014

National Security Fire & Casualty Co-12-31-2018

National Security Insurance Co-12-31-2018

Omega One Insurance Co-12-31-2018

Peoples Savings Life Insurance Co-12-31-2006

PrimeHealth of Alabama Inc-12-31-2001

ProAssurance Indemnity Company, Inc-12-31-2015

ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Company, Inc-12-31-2015

Protective Industrial Insurance Company-12-31-2002

Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company 12-31-2014

Quality Casualty Insurance Co-12-31-2018

Red Mountain Casualty Insurance Co Inc-12-31-2006

Safeway Ins Co of Alabama Inc-12-31-2005

Southern General Insurance Co of Alabama-09-30-2003

Southern Guaranty Insurance Company-12-31-2001

Southern United Fire Ins. Co-12-31-2008

Southland National Insurance Corporation-12-31-2010

The Oath-A Health Plan for Alabama Inc-12-31-2001

UnitedHealthcare of Alabama Inc (Target Market Conduct Exam)-04-30-2012

UnitedHealthcare of Alabama Inc-12-31-2016

United Trust Insurance Company-12-31-2012

Universal Life Insurance Company-06-30-2007

USAgencies Direct Insurance Company-08-31-2007

UTIC Insurance Company-12-31-2017

Viva Health Inc-12-31-2016

Woodbrook Casualty Insurance Co, Inc-12-31-2006