Producer Licensing Division

The State Insurance Department is required by the Code of Alabama, 1975 Section 27-7-1 through 27-8A-13, to license individuals selling insurance in the State of Alabama. The Producer Licensing Division is responsible for the administration of these code sections by:

  • Administering the applicable statutes and regulations governing the initial and continued licensure of all resident and non-resident producers, adjusters, service representatives, dental service representatives, legal service representatives, motor club representatives, surplus line brokers, reinsurance intermediaries, managing general agents, and business entities.
  • Maintaining files for all individuals and entities licensed through this office so that public documents are accessible upon request.
  • Administering statutes and regulations governing the education of licensed individuals.
  • Collecting fees from license applicants and issuing licenses when approved.
  • Maintaining education standards for initial licensing and continuing education of insurance representatives to ensure that only qualified individuals are licensed to transact insurance business with citizens of this state.
  • Initiating regulatory action for the cancellation or suspension of producers and service representatives who have failed to comply with the annual continuing education and license renewal requirements.