How to Handle Insurance Complaints/Inquiries

The Life & Health Division of the Alabama Department of Insurance will assist in processing and resolving complaints/inquiries with an insurance company, agency, agent, or adjuster. Should you have a problem, please submit the following information to the Life & Health Division at the address indicated above. (As an additional service to you, we are providing the link to the Consumer Complaint Form on our web site).

  • Your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number and daytime phone number. Please include name of the insured if different from yours.
  • The name and address of the insurance company, type of policy, and policy number. Copy of the policy if available.
  • The name and address of the insurance agency, agent and phone numbers of persons with whom you discussed this problem.
  • Give date of claim, claim number, date of loss, and date of service or treatment provided.
  • Provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the problem you are having with the insurance company. Include copies of documents relating to your case. Copy front and back of any checks. Send copies of any letters relating to this problem. Keep original documents and only send copies.
  • If your problem concerns an employee group insurance program, give the employer’s name, group and certificate number, address and phone number of person responsible for administering the benefits.
  • If you have consulted and retained an attorney, provide the name, address and phone number of his/her law firm.
  • Send telephone number where you may be reached in case additional information is needed.

We ask that your letter contain appropriate information that will enable this division and the insurance company to review, investigate and consider your problem. The Life & Health Division of the Department of Insurance will intervene on your behalf. However, we will not adjudicate or make a legal ruling. We assure you the insurance company will comply with Alabama Insurance Law in considering your problem. Should you disagree with the decision and if there is no violation of the law, you may pursue a decision through legal counsel at your expense.