ALDOI establishes endorsement for fortified roofs

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Starting January 2020, insurance companies must offer policyholders an endorsement to upgrade a non-Fortified roof to an IBHS Fortified roof. The endorsement will be offered for a premium. An endorsement is an amendment or rider to a policy adjusting the coverage and taking precedence over the general contract. The upgrade only applies when a policyholder incurs damage that would require a roof replacement and would be covered by their policy. Partial roof replacements do not qualify.

The endorsement offer will be made when a new policy is written on a non-Fortified home and at the time of first renewal.

A Fortified roof makes a home more resilient against natural disasters, including high winds and hurricanes, reducing the potential for damage.

The deadline for insurance companies to file a rate request with the Alabama Department of Insurance is October 1. USAA is the first insurer in Alabama to file a rate request.

The bill, House Bill 283, passed in the 2019 regular session of the Alabama Legislature
and was signed the Governor Kay Ivey on May 22.