Adjuster Business Entities or Firms

A corporation, association, partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or other legal entity.

  • Can be a Resident or Non-Resident (non-residents must be licensed in their home state)
  • Must have a DRLP (an individual adjuster licensed for the same lines you wish the entity to hold)

    If the entity you are applying for uses the word “Insurance” in its name it will need to be approved by the ALDOI PRIOR TO REGISTERING with the Alabama Secretary of State's Office. Name Approval Form

  • Must register with the Alabama Secretary of State Office as a Domestic or Foreign entity - Click Here or phone 334-242-5324
    Adjuster Business Entity Lines of Authority
    • Adjuster Property and Casualty, including Workers’ Compensation and Crop
    • Adjuster Property and Casualty, excluding Workers’ Compensation and Crop
    • Adjuster Workers’ Compensation
    • Adjuster Crop
  • Please apply for license via NIPR.

Business Entity Adjusters licenses are renewed biennially by December 31st of every odd year. Any entity license prior to October 1 of that odd year will need to renew. Entities licensed after October 1, will be given the following odd year’s expiration date.

EXAMPLE: If licensed prior to October 1st of said ODD year (2021) license will need to be renewed. If licensed after October 1st of ODD year (2021) Entity will be given the following ODD year (2023) expiration date.

Biennial Renewal Fee - $200.00
Reinstatement Fee (within 30 days of expiration) - $300.00
Reissue Fee (within 365 days) - $80.00

  • Address Change Form - Click Here

    NOTE: Individual and Business Entity Adjusters now have the ability to update their e-mail addresses online, within the 30 days required by law in Alabama, through SBS Online tools. You can access this by going to our website at and under Producers/Agents either click on Print Your License or View Your CE Info and that takes you straight to SBS and it will be under Email Maintenance.

  • Name Changes - Click Here   *Please check below for additional information*
  • Designated Responsible Licensed Individual - To change/add a designated producer/adjuster click here. (Form AL-DP-1)
  • Request to Cancel or Surrender License - Click Here

Additional Information:

Name changes must be submitted with a new Certificate of Existence from the Alabama Secretary of State.

For purposes of the Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entity Code, the Commissioner of Insurance or the Department of Insurance shall not be designated as the registered agent of a business entity and the Department's address shall not be used as an entity's registered office.


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