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Licensing Requirements

Legal Service, Dental Service, Motor Club, and Travel Representatives, please click on the Producer link.

Effective April 1, 2015, all individual resident applicants seeking to become licensed as Producers, Adjusters or Title Agents, or who are adding a new line of authority to an existing license, must have completed a Fingerprint background check. You should seek to get fingerprinted after passing the state exam and one day before applying for the license.

Also note, Temporary Producer and Apprentice Adjuster licenses will not automatically convert, within the six month for Producers or one year for Apprentice Adjusters, without having completed the appropriate exam and fingerprinting by expiration date of the license. Therefore, it is our recommendation that exams are taken and passed, and you are then finger printed at least ONE WEEK prior to expiration of temporary or apprentice licenses. This will allow time for electronic conversion without applicants having to reapply.

Please be aware the fingerprint results will remain in our system only 30 days after you are fingerprinted. If the application reaches the DOI after those 30 days you will have to get fingerprinted again and again pay the required fee.

**Note: The Department can only utilize fingerprints processed through 3M Cogent. We also cannot accept fingerprints completed for any reason outside of pursuing an insurance license from the Alabama Department of Insurance.

Follow instructions on this 3M Cogent link: www.cogentid.com